LIFEPAC® 4th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®4年级圣经10单元套装



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Want to teach your fourth grader Bible lessons with LIFEPAC worktexts—but don't want the teacher's guide? Try the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set! These ten consumable, print-based worktexts contain one full year of Bible lessons. Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes step-by-step lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.



是否想使用LIFEPAC工作文本来教四年级学生圣经课程,但又不需要老师的指导?试试LIFEPAC 4年级圣经10单元套装!这十种基于印刷的易耗品工作文本包含一整年的圣经课程。此阿尔法欧米伽课程中的每个工作文本均包含分步课程,自我测试和可移动的教师管理的测试。




Do you want to teach your fourth grader Bible lessons with the LIFEPAC worktext curriculum? Already have the teacher's guide? Not a problem. Alpha Omega Publications has the answer—the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set! This full-year set contains ten full-color, easy-to-follow worktexts that offer a complete overview of foundational Christian principles and important biblical stories. Each individual 4th grade Bible worktext offers entertaining illustrations, easy-to-do exercises, and handy vocabulary lists! Biblical topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include the following: living for God, God's knowledge, Saul, God's care, God's existence, biblical geography, witnessing, and more!

And there's more! The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set has self-paced, confidence-building lessons that include Bible verse memorization (KJV), fun word games and puzzles, and diverse question formats. And each slim worktext will also motivate your child to complete consumable lessons with its thin, compact size—unlike other bulky, uninteresting textbooks! And your young learner will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment as he completes each progressive worktext in as little as three to four weeks. Want to hear the best news? Each LIFEPAC worktext includes concept reviews, self tests, plus one removable teacher-administered unit test—all interwoven within the text to reinforce and solidify student comprehension. So what are you waiting for? Get a full year of best-selling homeschool curriculum in one amazingly simple step. Simply order the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set by adding it to your cart today.


您想通过LIFEPAC工作文本课程来教四年级学生圣经课程吗?已经有老师的指导了吗?没问题 阿尔法欧米茄出版物提供了答案-LIFEPAC四年级圣经10单元套装!这一整套的年度报告包含十个全彩色,易于遵循的工作文本,全面介绍了基督教的基本原理和重要的圣经故事。每个单独的四年级圣经工作文本都提供有趣的插图,易于执行的练习和便捷的词汇表!此阿尔法欧米伽课程中的圣经主题包括:为上帝而活,上帝的知识,扫罗,上帝的关怀,上帝的存在,圣经地理,见证等等!