HHorizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Teacher's Guide 地平线三年级书法教师指南本

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The Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Teacher's Guide makes teaching penmanship simple. The easy-to-understand lesson plans and practical teaching tips for lessons 1-160 in Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Student Book, makes this guide user-friendly. Includes reproducible practice pages.


地平线三年级书法教师指南本,使教学笔法变得简单。 在地平线三年级书本学生用书中易于理解的课程计划和1-160课程的实践教学提示使得本指南易于使用。 包括可重复的练习页面。



Before you decide you can do without a penmanship teacher's guide, take a look at the Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Teacher's Guide from Alpha Omega Publications. With easy-to-follow homeschool lesson plans and exciting teaching tips that save time and effort, you'll want a copy of this handy resource for yourself. Informative curriculum guidelines include correct hand, pencil, and posture positions, a comprehensive scope and sequence for clarifying daily teaching goals, and a manuscript and cursive letter formation guide that enables your third grader to achieve success in cursive and manuscript handwriting.

This results-producing teacher's guide also contains special practice pages with attractive borders for writing weekly Bible quotations. Picture this! After writing verses in beautifully scripted handwriting, your child will then be able to color and decorate his masterpiece to share the message of God's love with family and friends. Order your copy of the Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Teacher's Guide today and discover fun-filled, Bible-based writing exercises and activities that strengthen proper penmanship!







Resources  资源

Scope and Sequence  课程内容范围和目录

Sample Pages   示范页面