Horizons 3rd Grade Math Student Book 2 地平线三年级数学学生本二

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Does your 3rd grader know how to reduce fractions, plot points on a grid, or find the variable in a multiplication equation? If not, the Horizons 3rd Grade Math Student Book 2 will teach him that and more! This best-selling student workbook contains colorful lessons 81-160 with 8 review tests. Pages in this Alpha Omega curriculum are perforated for easy removal.


你的三年级学生是否知道如何减少分数,在网格上绘制点或者在乘法方程中找到变量? 如果不会的话,地平线三年级数学学生用书2将教他和更多! 这本畅销书籍的学生手册包含了丰富多彩的课程81-160,其中包含8项评估测试。 在这个阿尔法欧米茄课程中的页面被穿孔以便于移除。




When you need a comprehensive, well-structured elementary math curriculum that's fun to teach and fun to learn, Horizons 3rd Grade Math Student Book 2 is your answer! Expanding on concepts learned in the Horizons 3rd Grade Math Student Book 1, this brightly illustrated, consumable workbook keeps your child excited about learning math. Engaging, fast-paced lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum introduce, review, and reinforce new concepts such as division involving 2-digit quotients with remainders, relationships between decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers, temperature expressed in Celsius, positive and negative numbers, and more! And with hands-on learning activities and other manipulatives complimenting each concept taught, math will definitely be the subject your child looks forward to most each homeschool day!

But that's just the beginning! After each series of 10 lessons, this easy-to-use workbook contains a comprehensive review test to prevent your child from carrying any misunderstood concepts into future lessons. What's more, your child will enjoy the convenience of perforated pages that allow him to tear out each day's lesson to work math problems comfortably. Perfectly suited for today's homeschooling family, the Horizons 3rd Grade Math Student Book 2 from Alpha Omega Publications is the math curriculum you want. Discover this amazing, award-winning math workbook for yourself. Add a copy to your shopping cart today!






但那只是开始!在每个系列的10节课之后,这个易于使用的练习册包含一个全面的复习测试,以防止您的孩子将任何被误解的概念带入未来的课程中。更重要的是,您的孩子将享受打孔页面的便利,让他可以撕掉每天的课程,轻松解决数学问题。 阿尔法欧米茄出版社出版的地平线 3年级数学学生用书2非常适合当今家庭学校家庭,是您想要的数学课程。发现这个惊人的,屡获殊荣的数学工作簿为自己。立即添加地平线 3年级数学学生用书2到您的购物车!

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