LIFEPAC® 2nd Grade Math 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®2年级数学学生本10单元套装



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Ready to teach your second grader Math with the LIFEPAC program—but don't need the teacher's guide? Try the LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math 10-Unit Set! These ten consumable worktexts provide math lessons for an entire year. Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes full-color lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.

准备通过LIFEPAC计划教您的二年级学生数学-但是不需要老师的指导吗?尝试LIFEPAC 2年级数学10单元套装!这十种消耗性工作语文提供了一整年的数学课程。此Alpha Omega课程中的每个工作文本都包括全色课程,自测和可移动的老师管理的测试。




Are you interested in teaching your second grade child math lessons using the best-selling LIFEPAC homeschool curriculum, but already have a teacher's guide? We've got just the solution to meet your needs. The LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math 10-Unit Set was created with families like yours in mind! This mastery-based math program contains ten colorful worktexts designed for growing math students. As your student progresses through this ten-part series, he will learn about numbers, place value, adding with carrying, subtracting with borrowing, fractions, measurement, coin conversion, time, directions, temperature, and much more! Each second grade math worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum offers step-by-step lessons, fun activities, and lots of colorful illustrations—all designed to encourage mastery of taught concepts.

But let's take a closer look. The LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math 10-Unit Set has child-friendly lessons that include fill-in-the-blank questions, puzzle activities, and graphing problems, to name just a few. And unlike big bulky textbooks, your child will be able to easily complete each of these slim worktexts in as little as three to four weeks, ensuring a regular sense of accomplishment! To encourage mastery of each taught concept, each worktext also contains concept reviews, self tests, and an end-of-unit test. It simply doesn't get any easier than this! Order your LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math 10-Unit Set without the teacher's guide today!



您是否有兴趣使用畅销的LIFEPAC家庭学校课程来教您的二年级儿童数学课程,但已经有了教师指南?我们只有满足您需求的解决方案。LIFEPAC 2年级数学10单位组合的创建是考虑到您这样的家庭!这个基于掌握的数学程序包含十个为成长中的数学学生设计的丰富多彩的工作文本。随着您的学生逐步学习这个由十部分组成的系列,他将学习有关数字,位值,加法,加法,借位减法,分数,度量,硬币换算,时间,方向,温度等等的知识!该Alpha Omega课程中的每个二年级数学工作文本都提供分步的课程,有趣的活动以及许多色彩丰富的插图,所有这些旨在鼓励对所教授概念的掌握。

但是,让我们仔细看看。LIFEPAC 2年级数学10单元套装包含儿童友好的课程,其中包括填空题,拼图活动和图形问题,仅举几例。与庞大的教科书不同,您的孩子将能够在短短的三到四个星期内轻松完成所有这些苗条的工作文本,从而确保定期取得成就感!为了鼓励精通每个已讲授的概念,每个工作文本还包含概念复习,自我测试和单元结束测试。没有比这更简单的了!立即订购无需教师指导的LIFEPAC 2年级数学10单元套装!