LIFEPAC® 2nd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®2年级历史和地理学生本10单元组合



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Teach your second grader the basics of U.S. history with the LIFEPAC 2nd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set! These ten consumable worktexts provide lessons for an entire year. Each self-paced worktext includes full-color lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test. The teacher’s guide for this set is available separately.



通过LIFEPAC 2年级历史和地理10单元套装,教您的二年级学生美国历史的基础!这十种消耗性工作文本提供了全年的经验教训。每个自定进度的工作文本都包括全彩色课程,自测和可移动的教师管理的测验。此套教师指南可单独获得。




Teach your second grader the basics of U.S. history with the LIFEPAC 2nd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set! This curriculum contains ten, full-color worktexts created especially for growing readers. Each worktext offers a mix of colorful illustrations, easy to follow lessons, and ample opportunity for both oral and written practice of learned concepts. From the War of Independence to westward expansion, this U.S. history course covers the trail of the Native Americans, the different branches of the government, westward expansion, and America’s pioneers. The course also includes a comprehensive study of maps.

The LIFEPAC 2nd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set provides the opportunity for a unique individualized learning approach for your child. Since each self-paced worktext can be completed in as little as three to four weeks, students experience a sense of accomplishment at the completion of each one! In addition, regular self tests and an end-of-unit test provide ample opportunity for assessment of student progress.




通过LIFEPAC 2年级历史和地理10单元套装,教您的二年级学生美国历史的基础!该课程包含十个全彩色工作文本,专门为不断增长的读者创建。每个工作文本都提供了丰富的插图,易于学习的课程,以及为所学概念的口头和书面实践提供了充足的机会。从独立战争到向西扩张,这条美国历史路线涵盖了美洲原住民,政府不同部门,向西扩张和美国先驱者的足迹。该课程还包括对地图的全面研究。

LIFEPAC 2年级历史和地理10单元套装为您的孩子提供了独特的个性化学习方法的机会。由于每个自定进度的工作文本都可以在三到四个星期内完成,因此学生在完成每个定稿时都会有成就感!另外,定期的自测和单元末测为评估学生的进步提供了充足的机会。