LIFEPAC® 2nd Grade Bible 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®2年级圣经学生本10单元套装


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Ready to teach your second grader Bible with the LIFEPAC program—but don't need the teacher's guide? Try the LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Bible 10-Unit Set! These ten consumable worktexts provide Bible lessons for an entire year. Each worktext includes full-color Alpha Omega curriculum lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.


准备通过LIFEPAC计划教您的二年级学生圣经,但是不需要老师的指导吗?试试LIFEPAC 2年级圣经10单元套装!这十种可消耗的工作语文提供了一整年的圣经课程。每个工作文本都包括全彩的阿尔法欧米伽课程课程,自测和可移动的老师管理的测验。



Are you interested in teaching your second grade child Bible lessons using the best-selling LIFEPAC curriculum, but already have a teacher's guide? We've got the perfect solution to meet your needs. The LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Bible 10-Unit Set was created with families like yours in mind! This Alpha Omega curriculum set contains ten colorful worktexts designed for young readers. Using the King James Version of the Bible, lessons from units on The Story of Moses, God and You, David's Sling, The Story of Joseph, God and the Family, and God Made the Nations will captivate your child's interest. Each second grade Bible worktext offers step-by-step lessons, fun activities, and lots colorful illustrations.

But let's take a closer look. The LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Bible 10-Unit Set has child-friendly lessons that include fill-in-the-blank questions, puzzle activities, and hands-on drawing assignments, to name just a few. And unlike big bulky textbooks, your child will be able to easily complete each of these slim worktexts in as little as three to four weeks, ensuring a regular sense of accomplishment! To encourage mastery of each concept taught, each worktext also contains concept reviews, self tests, and an end-of-unit test. It simply doesn't get any easier than this! Order your LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Bible 10-Unit Set today!


您是否有兴趣使用畅销的LIFEPAC课程来教您的二年级儿童圣经课程,但已经有了老师的指导?我们有完美的解决方案来满足您的需求。LIFEPAC 2年级圣经10单元套装是为像您这样的家庭而设计的!该阿尔法欧米伽课程集包含十个为年轻读者设计的丰富多彩的工作文本。使用《圣经》的詹姆士国王版,摩西故事,上帝与你故事,戴维的吊索故事,约瑟夫故事,上帝与家庭故事以及上帝造万国的故事课将吸引孩子的兴趣。每个二年级的圣经工作文本都提供循序渐进的课程,有趣的活动以及许多彩色插图。

但是,让我们仔细看看。LIFEPAC 2年级圣经10单元套装包含儿童友好型课程,其中包括填空题,拼图活动和动手绘画作业,仅举几例。与庞大的教科书不同,您的孩子将能够在短短的三到四个星期内轻松完成所有这些苗条的工作文本,从而确保定期取得成就感!为了鼓励精通所教授的每个概念,每个工作文本还包含概念复习,自我测试和单元结束测试。没有比这更简单的了!立即订购您的LIFEPAC 2年级圣经10单元套装!