LIFEPAC® 1st Grade Science 10-Unit Set 生命课程一年级科学学生本 1-10 册套装



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Want to teach your first grader science with the LIFEPAC unit worktexts—but don't need the teacher's guides? Then get the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Science 10-Unit Set! These ten consumable worktexts include science lessons for one full year. Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes full-color lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.


是否想使用LIFEPAC单元的工作教材来教一年级学生科学,但不需要老师的指导?然后获得LIFEPAC 1级科学10单元套装!这十种可消耗的工作内容包括一年的科学课程。此阿尔法欧米伽课程中的每个工作文本都包括全色课程,自测和可移动的老师管理的测试。





Ready to teach your child LIFEPAC 1st Grade Science—but don't want the teacher's guides? Or maybe you already have the teacher's guides. Not a problem. Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect answer—the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Science 10-Unit Set! This set contains ten full-color worktexts made especially for young learners—and includes a comprehensive overview of beginning science concepts. Each Bible-based first grade science worktext offers captivating illustrations and step-by-step exercises. Topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include an introduction to the senses, animals and plants, health, the world, energy, machines, and more!

But that isn't all. The LIFEPAC 1st Grade Science 10-Unit Set has bright, easy-to-follow lessons that include fill-in-the-blank questions, diverse science exercises, coloring and drawing activities, and much more. Plus, unlike huge, over-sized science textbooks, each small motivating worktext will encourage your child to complete consumable lessons with its reduced size. And your child will enjoy completing each worktext in three to four weeks! Here's the most important part. Each LIFEPAC worktext includes concept reviews and self tests to reinforce and solidify comprehension—plus one removable teacher-administered unit test. So don't wait any longer—get a full years homeschool curriculum at once! Order the best-selling LIFEPAC 1st Grade Science 10-Unit Set today.






但这还不是全部。LIFEPAC一年级科学10单元套装提供明亮,易于学习的课程,其中包括填空题,多样的科学练习,着色和绘画活动等等。另外,与庞大,超大型的科学教科书不同,每本小小的激励性工作教科书都会鼓励您的孩子以减小的篇幅来完成易消耗的课程。您的孩子将在三到四个星期内喜欢完成每个作业文本!这是最重要的部分。每个LIFEPAC工作文本都包括概念审查和自测,以增强和巩固理解能力,以及一项可移动的,由教师管理的单元测试。因此,不要再等待了-立即获得一整年的家庭学校课程!立即订购最畅销的LIFEPAC 1级科学10单元套装。