LIFEPAC® 1st Grade Reading Basics Book 3 生命课程一年级阅读基础书3



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A great book of stories for your budding reader, Reading Basics Book 3: Oats Are for Goats integrates phonics concepts into a series of vocabulary-controlled stories. This engaging reader is filled with high-interest, phonics-based stories your child is sure to love!






 Reinforce your child's systematic phonics instruction with Reading Basics Book 3. A part of the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts curriculum, this reader features easy-to-read stories that utilize 1- and 2-syllable words. As stories increase in length and difficulty, your child will become a more fluent reader. The use of vowel digraphs, diphthongs, long-vowel words, and r-controlled vowels are just a few of the phonics concepts introduced in this popular Alpha Omega curriculum.

Based on a systematic phonics approach, Oats Are for Goats, the third in a series of five readers, contains 24 high-interest stories sure to please any young reader. Since drilling of high-frequency sight words helps to increase fluency, this reader includes a list of instant words used within the stories. While this reader can be used independently, teaching instructions for incorporation into the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts homeschool program are detailed within the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts teacher's guides. Comprehension questions are also available in the Reading Basics Reader Study Guide.











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