LIFEPAC® 10th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set Old Testament Survey 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC® 10年级圣经学生本10单元 套装 旧约调查 学生本10 本/套


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使用 LIFEPAC 旧约调查 10 件套,带您的孩子踏上从创世纪到玛拉基的旧约之旅!十个可消耗的工作文本包括引人入胜的循序渐进的课程、自我测试和一个可移动的教师管理的测试。此 Alpha Omega 课程单独出售教师指南。

Take your teen on a journey through the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi with the LIFEPAC Old Testament Survey 10-Unit Set! Ten consumable worktexts include engaging step-by-step lessons, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered test. A Teacher's Guide is sold separately for this Alpha Omega curriculum.


Alpha Omega Publications 出品的 LIFEPAC 旧约调查 10 单元集包含一整年的圣经课程,包含十个结构化、易于理解的工作文本。这个 Alpha Omega 课程包括对旧约经文的完整概述,以及引人入胜的评论和发人深省的问题。LIFEPAC 旧约概览课程使用英王詹姆斯译本,涵盖了对完整旧约的概览,从创世记中的六天创造开始,到玛拉基书结束。
想知道更多?这套工作文本附带有趣、丰富的课程,其中包括各种问题类型,可帮助您的孩子建立对材料的理解!该工作文本的超薄尺寸使其比大多数高中课程中的普通、笨重的教科书更易于管理。当您的学生在三到四个星期内完成每个作业文本时,他也会感到一种成就感。那不是很好吗?作为额外的好处,每个 LIFEPAC 工作文本都包括概念审查、自我测试,以及一个可移动的教师管理的单元测试。为什么?所以您可以放心,您的学生确实记得圣经课程!因此,现在就点击并将 LIFEPAC 旧约调查 10 单元套装添加到您的购物车吧!


The LIFEPAC Old Testament Survey 10-Unit Set from Alpha Omega Publications contains a full year of Bible lessons in ten structured, easy-to-follow worktexts. This Alpha Omega curriculum includes a complete overview of Old Testament passages, along with engaging commentary and thought-provoking questions. Using the King James translation, the LIFEPAC Old Testament Survey curriculum covers a survey of the complete Old Testament, beginning with the six days of Creation in Genesis and ending in Malachi.
Want to know more? This set of worktexts comes with interesting, enriching lessons that include a variety of question types to help your child build comprehension of material! The ultra-thin size of this worktext makes it much more manageable than normal, bulky textbook found in most high school courses. As your student finishes each worktext in three to four weeks, he will feel a rewarding sense of accomplishment too. Isn't that great? As an added bonus, each LIFEPAC worktext includes concept reviews, self tests, plus one removable teacher-administered unit test. Why? So you can be reassured you student is really remembering Bible lessons! So click and add the LIFEPAC Old Testament Survey 10-Unit Set to your cart now!



  • 打印工作文本
  • 基于掌握的学习形式
  • 综合课程计划
  • 自定进度,独立学习

At a Glance

  • Print worktexts
  • Mastery-based learning format
  • Integrated lesson plans
  • Self-paced, independent study


  • 基督教工作文本课程
  • K-12 年级
  • 基于精通
  • 5个主要科目
  • 许多选修课
  • 自定进度


  • Christian Worktext Curriculum
  • Grades K-12
  • Mastery-based
  • 5 Main Subjects
  • Numerous Electives
  • Self-paced