LIFEPAC® G10 English II Set


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Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications


ISBN: 9780867172218

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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States 

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Building on fundamental language skills, the LIFEPAC English II Set focuses on grammar, composition, and literature. This course includes ten consumable worktexts that study oral reading, etymology, drama, and more. This Alpha Omega curriculum contains one year of language lessons and a teacher's guide. In His Steps by Charles Monroe Sheldon is a required reader that is included in the set.



During the high school years, preparation for future scholastic pursuits becomes an essential part of the learning process. Curriculum should sharpen language skills, as well as improve application of those skills in real life situations.That's exactly what you'll find with the LIFEPAC English II Set from Alpha Omega Publications! The LIFEPAC English II program accomplishes this task by integrating all the language strands into one program. This approach builds critical connections between grammar, vocabulary, literature, and writing to enhance a student's ability to apply language skills in everyday life. These ten consumable worktexts provide daily language instruction and application, as well as opportunities for student evaluation. This Alpha Omega curriculum includes lessons in the evolution of the English language, applied grammar, etymology, poetic devices, oral reading, and elements of composition. Literary genres such as drama, the short story, and the novel are also studied.

For the teacher, there is an essential teacher's guide that includes teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, and an abundance of enrichment activities. Providing these extra elements creates the opportunity for customizing the program according to your homeschooling child's individual needs. In addition, this award-winning language program is student directed, which encourages critical thinking and academic independence in your child.