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Does your child know why popcorn pops, why onions make you cry, and why yeast makes bread rise? With The Science Chef, he'll learn the answers to these kitchen science questions and more! Over 100 fun food experiments and recipes with ordinary ingredients and kitchen utensils make learning scientific facts fun.






Put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and teach your child science with The Science Chef, a 180-page softbound resource book from Alpha Omega Publications. This fun-filled, homeschool science resource provides tasty answers to chemistry and biology mysteries with kid-tested recipes and food experiments performed right in your kitchen. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced cook, he'll enjoy each and every science topic, and he'll love completing each easy-to-do experiment and easy-to-make recipe. Not only will your child discover the science of mixing and heating ingredients to make something new, he'll also investigate the science of how fruits, grains, and other products grow. What's more, he'll apply the science of nutrition to everyday life as he thinks about the substances in food and how they affect his body.But that's not all! The Science Chef also includes rules for kitchen safety and cleanup as well as a complete nutritional guide for healthy eating. Don't wait any longer to turn your kitchen into a science classroom. Learn basic science by doing fun, easy-to-perform cooking projects. Plus enjoy the pleasure of eating the results when you're finished! Order a copy of The Science Chef today!


穿上围裙,卷起袖子,并与《科学厨师》一起教您的孩子科学,这本阿尔法欧米伽出版社的180页软装资源书。这个充满乐趣的家庭学校科学资源提供了经过孩子测试的食谱和可以在您的厨房中进行的食品实验,为化学和生物学之谜提供了可口的答案。无论您的孩子是初学者还是经验丰富的厨师,他都会喜欢每一个科学主题,并且他会喜欢完成每个易于执行的实验和易于制作的食谱。您的孩子不仅会发现混合和加热成分以制造新事物的科学,还将研究水果,谷物和其他产品如何生长的科学。而且,他 在他思考食物中的物质以及它们如何影响他的身体时,他将营养学应用于日常生活。但这还不是全部!科学厨师还包括有关厨房安全和清洁的规则,以及有关健康饮食的完整营养指南。