Teach Yourself to Play Piano 教自己弹钢琴

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Teach your child how to play the piano with the Teach Yourself to Play Piano CD-ROM course. This amazing software will have your child playing piano (including acoustic pianos and electronic keyboards) in just a few weeks, even with no prior experience! Compatible with Windows® operating system or Macintosh® computers.






Now your child can learn to play piano from the comfort of his own living room with the Teach Yourself to Play Piano CD-ROM course from Alpha Omega Publications. Just think! No more hurrying through your homeschool day to run to piano lessons across town. With full-motion video lessons that guide your child step-by-step through the entire course, you can relax while your child easily loads the CD-ROM into the computer and learns the keyboard, how to form important chords and scales, finger aerobics to make playing piano easier, rhythm techniques, and how to play with real feeling and expression. What's more, you'll love the interactive song player that lets your child see exactly how each song should be played, adjust the tempo, mix audio accompaniment, and even record his performance! From "Brahms Lullaby" to "Amazing Grace," each of the 58 songs your child plays is sure to be music to your ears.But there's even more. This iParenting Media Award Winning piano course contains fun-filled, interactive games that reinforce musical concepts and a customizable ear-training program that teaches your student to play by ear. Plus an add-a-lesson course customizer allows you to download new piano lessons from the Internet when your child has mastered the lessons in this CD-ROM course! And if that isn't enough, this amazing CD-ROM software course also includes a music booklet containing all the songs in the program and a 336-page Essential Dictionary of Music with definitions, composer biographies, theory concepts, and more! Don't miss your opportunity to teach your child how to play piano with the best. Order the ultra-convenient, Teach Yourself to Play Piano course for your beginning piano student today!




现在,您的孩子可以通过阿尔法欧米茄出版社的《教你自己弹钢琴》 CD-ROM课程,在舒适的起居室学习钢琴。想一想!没有更多的时间匆匆穿过你的家庭教育日到城里跑去学钢琴课。通过全动态视频课程,引导您的孩子一步一步地完成整个课程,您可以放松,同时您的孩子轻松地将CD-ROM加载到计算机中并学习键盘,如何形成重要的和弦和音阶,手指有氧运动使弹钢琴更容易,节奏技巧,以及如何玩真实的感觉和表达。更重要的是,你会喜欢这款互动式歌曲播放器,让您的孩子能够准确地看到每部歌曲应该如何播放,调整节奏,混合音频伴奏,甚至记录他的表演!从“Brahms Lullaby”到“Amazing Grace”,您孩子玩的58首歌曲中的每首歌肯定会成为您的耳朵。



但还有更多。这个获得iParenting Media奖的钢琴课程包含充满乐趣的互动游戏,强化音乐概念和可定制的耳朵训练计划,教您的学生通过耳朵播放。此外,当您的孩子掌握了本CD-ROM课程中的课程时,您还可以通过互联网下载新的钢琴课程。如果这还不够,这个神奇的CD-ROM软件课程还包括一个包含该节目中所有歌曲的音乐小册子和一本336页的基本音乐词典,包括定义,作曲家传记,理论概念等等!不要错过教你的孩子如何最好地弹钢琴的机会。今天为刚开始的钢琴学生订购超便捷的自学钢琴课程吧!