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Computational math has never been so exciting! With hundreds of fun, real-life shopping situations to teach basic math skills, your child will love homeschooling with Market Math. Colorful menus and food price lists are used to teach your child how to calculate purchase amounts, subtract discounts, apply sales tax, and more! Contains 60 worksheets for grades 3-6.

计算数学从未如此激动人心! 通过数以百计的有趣,真实的购物环境来教授基本的数学技能,您的孩子会喜欢使用Market Math进行家庭学习。 丰富多彩的菜单和食品价格表用于教您的孩子如何计算购买金额,减去折扣,应用营业税等! 包含60个工作表,适用于3-6年级。




Want your child to love math again? Try teaching him addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with the practical and easy-to-use Market Math resource from Alpha Omega Publications. This supplemental math curriculum resource is designed to teach your child elementary math concepts through a real-life shopping situation. As your child looks at a list of grocery items and figures the costs involved in purchasing items, he'll find math much more enjoyable and applicable to everyday life. Not only will your child improve basic math skills, but also learn how to skim for information and classify items into main categories.But that's not all! Each Market Math worksheet is perforated for easy removal and includes a specific learning objective. Plus multi-step word problems will develop your child's math skills further. What's more, when using play money to simulate a real-life shopping experience, Market Math becomes even more exciting. So why are you waiting? If your child is tired of learning math with repetitious, boring worksheets, break out of your typical homeschool day and use Market Math to teach your child basic math concepts. Add a copy to your shopping cart today!

希望您的孩子再次爱数学吗?尝试使用来自Alpha Omega Publications的实用且易于使用的市场数学资源教他加,减,乘和除。此补充数学课程资源旨在通过现实生活中的购物情况教给您的孩子基本的数学概念。当您的孩子查看杂货清单并计算购买商品所涉及的成本时,他会发现数学更加有趣并且适用于日常生活。您的孩子不仅可以提高基本的数学技能,而且还可以学习如何浏览信息以及将项目归类为主要类别,但这还不是全部!每个市场数学工作表都经过打孔以便于移除,并包括特定的学习目标。加上多步单词问题将进一步发展您孩子的数学技能。此外,当使用虚拟货币模拟现实生活中的购物体验时,Market Math变得更加令人兴奋。那你为什么要等呢?如果您的孩子厌倦了重复无聊的工作表来学习数学,则可以摆脱典型的家庭学习日,并使用Market Math来教孩子基本的数学概念。立即添加到购物车!