I Can Draw People 我能画人

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Develop the artistic talent in your child with the easy-to-follow I Can Draw People book. Sixteen step-by-step, detailed picture instructions teach your child how to draw delightful portraits that include a ballerina, soccer player, scuba diver, workman, horse and rider, skier, queen, giant, and more! For ages three and up.


通过易于理解的《我能画人》书籍,培养孩子的艺术才能。 十六堂课程,一步一步,详细的图片说明教你的孩子如何画出令人愉快的肖像,包括芭蕾舞女演员,足球运动员,潜水员,工人,马和骑手,滑雪者,女王,巨人等等! 三岁及以上。





Turn your child's scribbles into beautiful art work with the I Can Draw People art resource book from Alpha Omega Publications. Watch your child's excitement as he follows the colorful, step-by-step instructions and creates drawings to share with homeschool friends and family. Starting with elementary line strokes, your child will add more and more detail until he finishes an angel, astronaut, ice skater, cowboy faces, parachutist, and more! Instead of your child drawing mere outlines or coloring in a coloring book, I Can Draw People teaches your child proper drawing techniques that can develop into a lifelong enjoyment of the visual arts. With each picture your child draws, he'll learn the important first steps of correct single dimensional drawing techniques which may lead to realistic 3-dimensional drawing as he matures in his abilities.But that's not all! The I Can Draw People book is softbound and conveniently sized for little hands. And each page is printed on heavy stock paper for long lasting durability for future upcoming artists in your homeschooling family. So why are you waiting? Give your child the tool he needs to start a future career in art. Order the I Can Draw People art resource book today!