Exploring Time 探索时间


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Teach your child how to tell time like an expert with the interactive Exploring Time supplemental math resource. Fun-filled learning activities include telling time on analog and digital clocks, estimating time, reading calendars, and more! Resource includes a 40-page workbook with answer keys and a companion CD-ROM that is compatible with Windows® or Macintosh® computers. Ages 5-7.



Need help teaching your child how to tell time? With the Exploring Time supplemental math resource from Alpha Omega Publications, your child will not only master telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour on digital and analog clocks, he'll also learn how to determine elapsed time in hours and quarter hours. What's more, as he completes the workbook exercises and then practices concepts with the correlating CD-ROM lessons, your child will also learn how to estimate time; understand noon and midnight/a.m. and p.m. concepts; comprehend the difference between morning, afternoon, and evening activities; calculate the days of the week and the months of the year; create daily schedules; read calendars; and more!But let's take a closer look at how Exploring Time works. Designed as a stand-alone math resource or as a supplement to your current homeschool math curriculum, Exploring Time uses easy-to-understand workbook illustrations and an interactive CD-ROM to reinforce time-telling skills. As your child hears, sees, and plays each fun-filled game on the easy-to-use CD-ROM software, he'll master time concepts without even knowing it! Don't wait to teach your child how to tell time—add the Exploring Time teaching resource to your shopping cart today!