哥 林 多 前 书 10:31 [hgb]  所 以 你 们 或 吃 或 喝 , 无 论 作 什 么 , 都 要 为 荣 耀 神 而 行 。

1 Corinthians 10:31 [kjv]  Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

4-3. Drink Honey Water


箴 言  24:13 - 14 [hgb]  我 儿 , 你 要 吃 蜜 , 因 为 是 好 的 。 吃 蜂 房 下 滴 的 蜜 , 便 觉 甘 甜 。你 心 得 了 智 慧 , 也 必 觉 得 如 此 。 你 若 找 着 , 至 终 必 有 善 报 。 你 的 指 望 , 也 不 至 断 绝 。

Proverbs 24:13 - 14 [kjv]  My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy taste: So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.












调节中枢神经系统活动,能安定情绪,改善造血功能, 提高人体免疫机能等等


Main nutritional benefits

Supplement glucose and fructose

Supplement vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and other anti-substances; potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium are to maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body

Supplement amylase, lipase and invertase to help human body digestion and absorption

Maintain and promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions

Protect the liver

Quickly replenish physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and enhance resistance to diseases

It also has a bactericidal effect

Promote sleep

Promote gastrointestinal motility

Promote growth and development

Regulate central nervous system activity, stabilize mood, improve hematopoietic function, improve human immune function, etc.


















水温需要在摄氏60度以下,人体温度在摄氏36.5度 - 37度左右,所以,水温在摄氏48度左右比较好。


















其他相关说明 - 蜂蜜的食用禁忌






Ntroduction to Honey Ingredients

Aliases: Shimi, Shimei, Edible Honey, Honey, White Honey, White Sand Honey, Honey, Bee Sugar, Baihua Jing, Zhongkou Mushroom


Nutritional value

1. Honey contains about 35% glucose and 40% fructose, both of which can be directly absorbed by the human body without digestion.

2. Honey contains a variety of inorganic salts with similar concentrations to human body cleansing, and also contains a certain amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and other anti-substances.

3. Honey contains amylase, lipase and invertase, which is the most abundant enzyme in food. Enzymes are promoting substances that help the human body to digest, absorb, absorb, and metabolize a series of substances and chemical changes.


Edible effect

1. A good product for cardiovascular patients: Honey can improve the composition of blood and promote the functions of the heart, brain and blood vessels. Therefore, it is beneficial to regularly take it for cardiovascular patients.

2. Protect the liver: Honey has a protective effect on the liver, can promote the regeneration of liver cells, and has a certain inhibitory effect on the formation of fatty liver.

3. Enhance resistance: eating honey can quickly replenish physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and enhance resistance to diseases.

4. Sterilization: Honey also has the effect of sterilization. Regular consumption of honey will not only harm the teeth, but also play a role in sterilization and disinfection in the oral cavity. Honey can treat moderate skin injuries, especially scalds. Honey is used as When dressing wounds on the skin, bacteria cannot grow.

5. Promote sleep: People with insomnia take 1 tablespoon of honey (adding 1 cup of warm water) before going to bed every day, which can help to fall asleep as soon as possible.

6. Promote gastrointestinal motility: Honey has a regulating effect on gastrointestinal function and can normalize gastric acid secretion. Animal experiments have confirmed that honey has the effect of enhancing intestinal peristalsis and can significantly shorten the time of defecation.


Warm mountain spring water flushed with honey water

The water temperature needs to be below 60 degrees Celsius, and the human body temperature is around 36.5 degrees-37 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is better for the water temperature to be around 48 degrees Celsius.



For people

suitable for majority of the people.


Taboo people

It is not suitable for diabetics, diarrhea due to spleen deficiency and dampness, with full abdominal distension and thick and greasy fur.


Buying skills

1. Look at the color: use the naked eye to observe the color and luster of honey. The high-quality honey is light, bright, transparent, and moderately viscous; the honey is dark brown or black-red, the luster is dim, and the honey is turbid as inferior products.

2. Smell: Pure honey should have a strong aroma of natural nectar; if it has a strange smell, it may be adulterated.

3. Taste the taste: take a little honey and taste it in the mouth, it is refreshing, delicate, sweet, throat feeling moist, and the one with a light aftertaste is high-quality honey; such as the mouth is moist, sweet and greasy, the throat feels spicy, and the aftertaste is heavier. , Department of poor quality honey or adulterated honey.

4. Test the feel: Take a little honey, place it on a clean and dry palm, and twist it with your fingers. Generally, pure honey crystals or solidified crystals are relatively sticky and delicate, and there is no roughness after twisting with your fingers; if the crystal particles are rough, the hand If the twist is rough, there is a possibility of adulteration.


Storage brief

Keep it away from light, keep it dry, and keep it in a refrigerator when the temperature is too high.


Other related instructions-Contraindications for consumption of honey

1. Not suitable for diabetics, diarrhea due to spleen deficiency and dampness, with full abdominal distension and thick and greasy fur.

2. It is not suitable to eat raw honey in summer and autumn.

3. Infants should not eat honey to avoid honey poisoning due to tenderness of the stomach and intestines.

4. It can be taken with warm boiled water when eating, not with boiling water, let alone decoction.

5. Honey cannot be placed in metal utensils, so as not to increase the content of heavy metals in honey.








  5、 锂对中枢神经系统活动有调节作用,能安定情绪,改善造血功能, 提高人体免疫机能。

  6. 极易被人体所摄取,是一种全面完整的矿物质营养源。

  7、 对重金属、细菌、有机物及气味具有吸附性。

  8、 锶:是人体必需的微量元素,但含量甚少,它是人体骨骼及牙齿的正常组成成分。锶与心血管的功能及构造有关,锶在人体内有强壮骨骼、防治心血管疾病之功效,锶的聚集程度可以作为观察骨折愈合情况。人体缺乏锶,将会阻碍新陈代谢、产生牙齿和骨骼发育不正常等症状。



Nutritional value of mountain spring water


Mountain spring water is especially suitable for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Because children are in the developmental period, natural mountain spring water containing minerals and trace elements required by the human body can help children absorb nutrients in a more balanced manner and grow stronger; during pregnancy and lactation Increase women's nutritional and water requirements. Drinking natural water can promote the nutrient absorption of pregnant and lactating women; the elderly often suffer from osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency and other factors. Drinking natural water often absorbs minerals and trace elements in a balanced manner...

   1. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and selenium in the water are necessary to maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body.

  2. Bicarbonate has a good effect on promoting the recovery of gastrointestinal diseases.

  3. Metasilicic acid helps bone calcification and promotes growth and development.

  4. Silicon has an effect on aortic sclerosis and reduces the incidence of arthritis and coronary heart disease.

  5. Lithium has a regulatory effect on central nervous system activities, calms mood, improves hematopoietic function, and improves human immune function.

  6. Easily ingested by the human body, it is a comprehensive and complete source of mineral nutrition.

   7. It has adsorption properties for heavy metals, bacteria, organics and odors.

   8. Strontium: It is an essential trace element for the human body, but the content is very small. It is a normal component of human bones and teeth. Strontium is related to the function and structure of the cardiovascular system. Strontium can strengthen bones and prevent cardiovascular diseases in the human body. The degree of strontium accumulation can be used to observe the healing of fractures. The lack of strontium in the human body will hinder metabolism and produce symptoms such as abnormal tooth and bone development.

  9. Selenium: can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis, improve the body's immune function, increase the content of immune globulin in the body, excite bone marrow hematopoietic function, and increase intelligence of the intestine.

Mountain spring water (or natural water) is taken from a quiet environment without any industrial pollution. It has a stable PH value, water temperature and a certain amount of mineral content and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Surface water, spring water, mineral water, Natural well water, etc. are made after deep filtration, disinfection and other treatments.