About Lydia & Enoch's Bible & Health 


 We are for service Abba Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Triune True God; not for profit. 



Lydia,  2004,Preacher Called by God, Fuller Church, LYDIA ENOCH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY , and Lydia Enoch Academy Founder,Theology graduated with honors. 

Beginning in Lydia very young, nutrition research and practice have been carried out. Thank God for constantly creating equipment and use. Over the years,  have and continue to help many people in need all over the world. 


Enoch, 2011, God called, Fuller Church and Fuller Home School Co-worker 

Thank God for Create Lydia & Enoch‘s features like nutrition research and cooking. 
Since childhood, Enoch followed Lydia to carry out nutrition research and practice, and worked together for the Lord. Already help and continue to blessings many people. 


Thank God for help, when Lydia very young, Lydia has studied nutrition by self 

In 1995 Lydia obtained the certificate of senior beautician in the famous beauty school 

In 1995 Lydia obtained the aromatherapy therapist certificate in the famous aromatherapy company 

In 1999 Lydia obtained the certificate of senior beauty and  body health building at the famous beauty college 

In 2001 Lydia completed some excellent International level research courses in nutrition 

In 2003 Lydia completed some excellent advanced   International level research courses in nutrition 

From 1999 to 2003, Lydia successfully operated some beauty and body health building , aromatherapy shops 

Thank God for using Lydia. Over the years, God have led some people who in need to Lydia to helped their maintain and improve their health. 

Beginning in 2006, Lydia taught Enoch that she practical experience gained over the years 

In 2009, Enoch had basically learned the nutrition and health knowledge taught by Lydia and practiced together 

Over the years, Lydia and Enoch have been continuing to study nutrition and health care activities together, and God has also led people who in need to found us. Thank God for using us. In these activities, God gave many beautiful witnesses and miracles. Especially the power that God gives through our prayer, we reading the Bible,  our nutrition research cooking service to gave us many beautiful effects.We understand and know that all effects are ultimately determined by God. 

Lydia and Enoch are very grateful to God for these rich creations and equipment. Lydia and Enoch also deeply experienced that God through our prayers, reading Bible, our nutrition and health service work, to gave very wonderful powers and brought many beautiful effects. 

Lydia&Enoch's Bible&Health is willing to give God to us to blessings to everyone in need. Through prayer, Bible sentences and nutritious diet therapy, the three combined help to blessings people who needs maintenance and promotion keep close to God,  Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit ,and maintenance and promotion of physical health.May you use them with your  thanksgiving heart to God and get more and more wonderful effect! 
Welcome to join the Lydia&Enoch's Bible&Health members, often come to participate in our activities and interactions when we can, let us be together in God’s continue to grow and deepen in the kingdom. May God help us to have more peace and joy on the earth, and more beautiful rewards in the eternal heavenly home, Amen! 


March, 2011 






        Lydia  & Enoch  founded the Lydia&Enoch's Bible&Health brand and business,  adopting member code system. Each member has been reviewed and set issued and unique code by Lydia & Enoch. Lydia and Enoch prohibit any person from carrying out any related business activities or actions without authorization. Lydia and her son Enoch personally handle finance, personnel management, and decision-making related matters. Please let the relevant person know. Anyone's comments, comments and actions are not equal to Lydia and Enoch's own wishes. Lydia and Enoch do not assume any responsibility for any activities performed, if anyone who does not hold the relevant code sent by us without authorization and any fraudulent name, and reserves the right to pursue related responsibilities. Each person bears the responsibility and related consequences arising from his own actions. 


Please any person have any matters, questions or need to confirm anything, please directly contact Lydia and Enoch. 


Thank you for your love and support. 


May God blessings! 


Announcer: Lydia & Enoch  


The latest updated: June 21, 2020