Organic Colorful Vegetable Juice Rainbow Noodles 有机七色蔬菜彩虹面条

Fresh Organic Ingredients



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Thanks God help me made these original rainbow 🌈 noodles . All ingredients are made with organic foods,and used my secret recipes that I have been study for many years.Very healthy and very fresh.My guests said “Comprehensive nutritious and very delicious!”🙏


谢谢上帝帮助我制作了有机的彩虹🌈面。 所有食材都是用有机食品,并且使用了我多年来研究过的秘方。 非常健康,非常新鲜。我的客人说“综合营养丰富,非常好吃!”🙏


Lydia HuiXian Chow