Read And Buy Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebooks Rules


1. Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebooks is only for reader,  to spread God, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit's love, blessings, protection, care and God's wisdom words; to witness the wonderful love and works of God. Lydai HuiXian Zhou does not assume any misunderstandings of any reader, or any reader's emotional misunderstandings, or the consequences of any misunderstanding. We are children of God. Heavenly Father’s love for us is beautiful, grace and kindness. The relationship between each child and our Heavenly  Father is unique. Heavenly Father gave us the grace that we could manage at that time according to the different stages of each of us, and gave fit grace to every one according to the discretion that each person could bear at the time. Our Heavenly Father tells us in the Bible Matthew 6:32: "[hgb] All these things you need to use, your heavenly Father knows." Each person prayed to God, and received grace from God.

2. Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebook is only available on Lydia HuiXian Zhou's website for reading and can be purchased.This purchase means that you can read this book only on this website. When the payment is completed, we will send the password of the reading page to your email by email, valid for 30 days.


3. When you need more time to read, you can purchase it multiple times.

4. When you read and purchase  Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebooks, you have promised to respect the copyright and reputation of Lydia HuiXian Zhou. You must not copy, screenshot, forward, string change, misappropriate, fraudulent name use and other infringements. comment. If there are any legal issues, Lydia HuiXian Zhou will be handed over to the lawyer.

5. Readers who likes buy and read Lydia HuXian Chow Ebooks need to apply 

6. Your order must be your own name. Do not buy on behalf of others. Non-refundable. Your order bought time is available only you  to read and  browse on the Lydia HuiXian Chow website.

7. Lydia HuiXian Zhou reserves the right to update 《Buy And Read Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebooks Rules》  when necessary. 

8. Lydia HuiXian Zhou retains the final resolution right of 《Buy And Read Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebooks Rules》

阅读和购买 周慧贤的电子书的 规则

1. 周慧贤的电子书,仅为了向读者传播关于神,主耶稣基督和圣灵的爱,祝福,保护,看顾和神智慧的话语;为了神的奇妙大爱和作为作见证。周慧贤不承担任何读者任何误解,或任何情绪上的误解,或产生任何误会而行的行为的后果。我们是属上帝的儿女。天父对我们的爱是美好的,善良的和仁慈的。每位儿女跟天父之间的关系都是独特的。天父按照我们每个人的不同阶段不同的情况给我们当时能管理好的恩典,按照各人当时能承受的酌量给各人。我们的天父在圣经马太福音6:32告诉我们:“[hgb]你们需用的这一切东西,你们的天父是知道的。” 各人自己向神祈祷,从神领受。

2. Lydia HuiXian Zhou Ebook 只在 Lydia HuiXian Zhou的这个网站展示提供阅读和可以购买。这个购买表示,您仅能在本网站阅读这本书。当完成支付,我们会通过电邮把阅读页面的密码发送到您的电邮,有效时间是30天。


3. 当您需要更多时间阅读,您可以多次购买。


4. 当您阅读和购买Lydia HuiXian Zhou电子书,表示您已经承诺尊重Lydia HuiXian Zhou 的版权和声誉,不得复制,截图,转发, 串改,盗用,冒用名义等侵权行为,不得乱发布任何不良评论。有任何法律问题, Lydia HuiXian Zhou会交给律师处理。

5. 购买和阅读周慧贤的电子书的读者,需要申请

6. 您的购买必须是您本人的名字。 不得代他人购买。不可退款。您的订单购买的时间仅提供您本人在Lydia HuiXian Zhou 的网站阅读浏览。 

7. 周慧贤保留在有需要时更新《购买和阅读周慧贤的电子书的规则》 的权利。

8. 周慧贤保留《购买和阅读周慧贤的电子书的规则》的最终解析权。


Lydia Hui Xian Zhou


Date of initial writing: September 4, 2010

latest update: Oct. 11, 2019


最开始撰写日期: 2010年9月4日