《Lydia Walking With God Witness Volume One 妮蒂雅与神同行第一册视频讲解版本 - 粤语广东话 - 世界各地可购买《妮蒂雅与神同行第一册 Lydia Walking With God Volume One》


Writer & Speaker : Preacher Lydia Hui Xian Zhou 

 文笔 & 主讲 :周慧贤 传道



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  1. 《Lydia Walking With God Volume One 妮蒂雅与神同行第一册》



Writer Preacher Lydia Hui Xian Zhou  

  周慧贤传道 著


Table Of Contents



1. I Have Heard of Thee by the Hearing of the Ear: But Now Mine Eye Seeth Thee.  



2. God Gave Message : to Gave Birth Child Named Enoch



3. Lydia Met Triune True God 



4.  God Blessings People Trough The Rainbow



5.  Triune True God's Child, By Which Was Say Abba's Father



6. Triune True God Takes Care Us in Our Home



7.  God Established Us as Church and God Gave Lydia Received Vision.



8.  Vessel Unto Honour



9.The Person Who Repeat Called by Triune God



10. God healing and Used Lydia Enoch to healing Jonathan Who Was Born With Brain Damage and Autism



11. The Triune True God is Love



12. Eternal Life and Eternal Blessings



Date of initial writing: September 4, 2010

latest update: July.15,2021


最开始撰写日期: 2010年9月4日


《Lydia Walking With God Volume One》


Selected part of the content:

... ...

God loves me and wants to take care of me. On this special day. In a wonderful way, gave me this hand warmer! God is such a considerate, powerful, and in charge of all things. It's like moving a little finger, and love will fall down. How do we receive God's love? That's it, it's very real. Yes, God is something we cannot see or touch on the earth, but God is real, Amen! All-knowing and omnipotent, creating the only true God who is in charge of all things, he would show love to me in this way, so touched, so wonderful! ! ! You who God loves, know that this makes others think that you are a lonely person. Has God personally looked after you? I am very moved, I don't know whether to be moved to cry or to be moved to laugh. If you also have some beautiful testimonies, you are welcome to share with Lydia. They all say that it is good to record God's love and grace for us.

        When I just ignore myself for others, I rarely ask for myself in prayer, but I have heard that God will not ignore it. It's true! ! !

        This also seems to be the reward and encouragement that God gave me. Although I still have to study hard and pursue progress, God's inheritance is given to me and I need to be nurtured; it is God's forgiving love! ! ! It happened to be the fifth anniversary of the birth of Enoch, and also took him for these five years! ! !

       God's love is very real, very real! Thank God for loving me like this, really love, very love! ! ! God’s love is powerful and wonderful. I have been searching for the love I yearn for for a long time. I truly understood and got it today! ! ! Really know it, thank you, thank the Lord!


... ...


Preacher Lydia Hui Xian Zhou 

January 15, 2011 Guangzhou First Draft


... The Triune God blessed, ... ...  Lydia and Enoch ... ... in......, USA.


... ...


Preacher Lydia Hui Xian Zhou 

June 18, 2021 Renton, Washington, USA Latest update




... ...


        当只顾为别人忽略了自己,很少为自己在祷告中求什么,可有听说过,神是不会忽略的, 是真的呀!!! 

        这也象是神给我的奖励和鼓励,虽然我还要努力学习,追求进步,神的产业给到我的手中,要教养好;是神有宽容的爱!!! 刚好在生以诺五周年的纪念日,也带了他这五年!!! 

       神的爱很真,很实在! 很感谢神这样的爱我,真的爱,很爱!!! 神的爱大能奇妙,长久追寻渴慕的爱,真的爱,今天更深刻体会得到了!!! 真知道了,谢谢,感谢主! 


... ...



Preacher Lydia Zhou  

2011年1月15日 广州   初稿  


... ...  三一真神赐福恩待,预备的,帮助妮蒂雅以诺... ... 在美国... ...。


... ...



Preacher Lydia Zhou 

2021年6月18日 美国华盛顿州伦顿 最新更新