《Bible Verse and Recipe - One 圣经金句与食谱 一》


Writing: Lydia Huixian Zhou




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         Writer Lydia HuiXian Zhou wrote the Bible Verses And Recipes - One, for blessings God words with our daily life together, blessings us often close to the Lord Jesus Christ, and blessings our healthy diet.

         文笔者Lydia HuiXian Zhou  撰写的圣经金句与食谱一,为了祝福神的话语和我们的日常生活连结在一起,祝福我们常常亲近主,和祝福健康的饮食。

       At about 5 years old, Lydia HuiXian Zhou discovered one of God made features was I likes to cook. Since 1988, Lydia HuiXian Zhou began researching nutrition. Thank God, for many years, Lydia HuiXian Zhou has been blessed by God, constantly developing research on nutrition, has been used by God for a long time, teaching with nutrition, using cooking skills to make food, to blessings brothers and sisters who in need. In the series of 《Bible Verses And Recipes,  also recorded some witness for God use  Lydia HuiXian Zhou in this regard,  to blessings brothers and sisters,   and will update some of them for their progress.

       大约在5岁的时候,Lydia HuiXian Zhou 发现了神所造的喜欢烹饪的特点。在1988年开始,Lydia HuiXian Zhou 开始研究营养学。感谢神,多年来,Lydia HuiXian Zhou 被神祝福,不断发展研究营养学的事务,一直以来为神所用,用营养学来教授,用烹饪技能来制作美食相结合,来祝福有需要的弟兄姐妹们。在《圣经金句和食谱》的系列书中,也记录了神在这方面使用Lydia HuiXian Zhou 祝福弟兄姊妹们的见证和其中一些事件的进展更新。 

* Because of the development of life, Lydia HuiXian Zhou will continue to add into new content.


* There are related Bible verse documents that can be downloaded.


* Have detailed recipes


* Each recipe has more than five colors of natural ingredients.


* Detailed Nutrient Content Data For Each Recipe



Table Of Contents



1. Bible Verses And Rainbow Cake


2. Bible Verses And Birthday Cake


3. Bible Verses And Rainbow Salad


4. Bible Verses And Rainbow Dumplings


5. Bible Verses And Red Rice Mushroom Soup


6. Biblical Verses And Choy Sum Pork Soup


7. Bible Verses And Potato 


8. Bible Verses And Honey


9. Bible Verses And Fish


10. Bible Verses And Sweet Bean


Date of initial writing: September 4, 2010

latest update: Oct.12,2019


最开始撰写日期: 2010年9月4日