LEGO New Genuine Sealed Police Interceptor 42047 乐高全新正版带封条 警察拦截器 42047


LEGO New Genuine Sealed LEGO Technic Series  Police Interceptor  42047


Brand LEGO

Age Range  7 - 14


Material Plastic

Number of Pieces   185 

Item Dimensions LxWxH   10.23 x 5.51 x 2.36 inches


Spot location: United States




乐高全新正品密条   警察拦截器 42047



年龄范围 7-14岁


材质 塑料

件数  185

物品尺寸 LxWxH  10.23 x 5.51 x 2.36 英寸

                                26.00厘米  x  14.00厘米  x  6.00厘米








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From the manufacturer




Call in the high-speed Police Interceptor, featuring a white, lime-green and black color scheme with police stickers, blue and red police warning beacons, wide rims with low profile tires and a heavy-duty bull bar. This robust LEGO® Technic model is also equipped with a pull-back motor. Combine with the 42046 Getaway Racer pull-back for a getaway car chase, or to create the Extreme Police Racer combi model.


Features a powerful pull-back motor, huge, extra-wide rims with low profile tires, red and blue police warning beacons and a heavy-duty bull bar.

Check out the white, lime-green and black color scheme with police stickers.

Bring on the 42046 Getaway Racer and let the chase begin.

Activate the pull-back motor to launch the high-speed interceptor.

This LEGO® Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience.

Appropriate for children aged 7 to 14.

Police Interceptor measures over 3” (9cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide.

Combine with the 42046 Getaway Racer to create an awesome Extreme Police Racer combi model.

Combi model Extreme Police Racer measures over 2” (7cm) high, 10” (26cm) long and 3” (10cm) wide.

呼叫高速警察拦截器,它具有白色、灰绿色和黑色配色方案,带有警察贴纸、蓝色和红色警察警告信标、带有低断面轮胎的宽轮辋和重型牛栏。这款坚固的 LEGO® Technic 模型还配备了回拉电机。与 42046 Getaway Racer 拉回装置相结合,进行逃车追逐,或创建 Extreme Police Racer 组合模型。




带上 42046 Getaway Racer,开始追逐吧。


这款 LEGO® Technic 模型旨在提供身临其境且有益的拼砌体验。

适合 7 至 14 岁的儿童。

警察拦截器高 3 英寸(9 厘米),长 5 英寸(15 厘米),宽 3 英寸(9 厘米)。

与 42046 Getaway Racer 相结合,打造出超棒的 Extreme Police Racer 组合模型。

Combi 模型 Extreme Police Racer 高 2 英寸(7 厘米),长 10 英寸(26 厘米),宽 3 英寸(10 厘米)。