LEGO New Genuine Sealed Fire Plane 42040 乐高全新正版带封条 消防飞机 42040


LEGO New Genuine Sealed LEGO Technic Series Products Fire Plane  42040


Brand LEGO

Age Range  9 - 16


Material Plastic

Number of Pieces  578 

Item Dimensions LxWxH   14.96 x 10.23 x 2.67 inches


Spot location: United States




乐高全新正品密条 消防飞机 42040



年龄范围 9-16岁


材质 塑料

件数 578

物品尺寸 LxWxH  14.96 x 10.23 x 2.67 英寸

                                38.00厘米  x  26.00厘米  x  6.80厘米







  • 2.33 lb
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From the manufacturer




Take to the skies for aerial firefighting adventures with the awesome 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic Fire Plane! This impressive model is packed with authentic details and features, including a detailed 2-cylinder engine, joystick-controlled elevators and ailerons and large pontoons. Watch the 3-blade propeller and engine pistons spring to life as you maneuver the mighty aircraft into takeoff position, then power over the ocean’s surface and soar into the air. When you reach the blaze, activate the cool water drop function to release the water cubes and extinguish the flames. It’s just like the real thing! Comes with a striking red and white color scheme and a selection of cool stickers. When you’re done fighting wildfires, rebuild the Fire Plane into a high-speed Jet Plane.

  • Features a spinning propeller, detailed 2-cylinder engine with moving pistons, water drop function with water cube elements and movable elevators and ailerons
  • Check out the cool red and white color scheme!
  • Spinning propeller and moving pistons
  • Joystick-controlled elevators and ailerons
  • Perform massive water drops!
  • 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Jet Plane
  • Fire Plane measures over 6” (17cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 17” (44cm) wide
  • Jet Plane measures over 5” (14cm) high, 14”(38cm)long and 7” (19cm) wide

乘坐令人敬畏的二合一乐高® 技术消防飞机飞上天空进行空中消防冒险!这款令人印象深刻的模型充满了真实的细节和功能,包括精致的 2 缸发动机、操纵杆控制的升降舵和副翼以及大型浮筒。看着 3 叶螺旋桨和发动机活塞在您操纵强大的飞机进入起飞位置时恢复活力,然后在海面上空并腾空而起。当您到达火焰时,激活冷却水滴功能以释放水立方并熄灭火焰。简直就像实物一样!配有醒目的红白配色方案和精选炫酷贴纸。完成与野火的战斗后,将 Fire Plane 重建为高速喷气式飞机。


具有旋转的螺旋桨、带有移动活塞的精细 2 缸发动机、带有水立方元素的水滴功能以及可移动的升降舵和副翼






Fire Plane 高 6 英寸(17 厘米),长 13 英寸(34 厘米),宽 17 英寸(44 厘米)

Jet Plane 高 5 英寸(14 厘米),长 14 英寸(38 厘米),宽 7 英寸(19 厘米)