LEGO New Genuine Sealed Lego Friends Puppy Championship - 41300 乐高全新正版带封条 朋友系列 小狗锦标赛 41300


LEGO New Genuine Sealed 

Lego Friends - Puppy Championship - 41300


Brand LEGO

Age Range  5 -12


Material Plastic

Number of Pieces  185 

Item Dimensions LxWxH  9.84 x 7.48 x 2.16 inches


Spot location: United States



乐高全新正版带封条 朋友系列 小狗锦标赛 - 41300



年龄范围  5 - 12


材质 塑料

件数  185

物品尺寸 LxWxH  9.84 x 7.48 x 2.16 英寸

                                25.00厘米  x  19.00厘米  x  5.50 厘米







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Join Mia and her puppies for a LEGO® Friends dog show. With grand entrance doors, a revolving turntable, agility seesaw and a jump with knockable bar, the dogs can show off their skills all day long. There are steps up to a judging platform and a fun slide, microphone, and grooming and feeding stations. Includes a mini-doll figure, plus two dog figures.

  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure, plus Scout and Tina dog figures.
  • Features a dog show stage with grand entrance door, turntable, podium, microphone and a raised judging platform with stairs and a slide, plus a tipping agility seesaw, jump with knockable bar, grooming station and a feeding trolley.
  • Accessory elements include a judging paddle, two rosettes, dog bowl, bone, brush, comb, spray bottle and bows.
  • Give the pups a grand entrance through the sliding doors, then pamper them at the grooming station.
  • Laugh and play with the puppies as you lead them across the dog show obstacles.
  • Announce the winner at the microphone before presenting a rosette and a juicy bone.
  • This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 5+.
  • Stage area measures over 3” (10cm) high, 5” (13cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep.
  • Combine with the 41301 Puppy Parade, 41302 Puppy Pampering, 41303 Puppy Playground and 41304 Puppy Tricks & Treats for even more fun with the poochesof Heartlake City!

与 Mia 和她的小狗一起参加 LEGO® Friends 狗展。宏伟的大门、旋转转盘、敏捷的跷跷板和带可敲击杆的跳跃,这些狗可以整天炫耀自己的技能。有台阶通往评审平台和有趣的滑梯、麦克风以及美容和喂食站。包括一个迷你玩偶和两个狗玩偶。


包括 Mia 迷你玩偶公仔,以及 Scout 和 Tina 狗公仔。






该套装为 5 岁以上的儿童提供适合年龄的搭建和游戏体验。

舞台面积超过 3 英寸(10 厘米)高、5 英寸(13 厘米)宽和 6 英寸(16 厘米)深。

与 41301 Puppy Parade、41302 Puppy Pampering、41303 Puppy Playground 和 41304 Puppy Tricks & Treats 相结合,与 Heartlake City 的小狗一起享受更多乐趣!