LEGO New Genuine Sealed Buckingham Palace 乐高全新正版带封条 白金汉宫 21029


LEGO New Genuine Sealed  Buckingham Palace  21029


Brand LEGO

Age Range  12+


Material Plastic

Number of Pieces  780 

Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.43 x 7.48 x 3.54 inches


Spot location: United States




乐高全新正品密封条  白金汉宫 21029



年龄范围 12+


材质 塑料

件数 780

物品尺寸 LxWxH  10.43 x 7.48 x 3.54 英寸

                                26.50厘米  x  19.00厘米  x  9厘米







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From the manufacturer


Build a LEGO® brick model of London's official royal residence. This magnificent model focuses on the palace's east wing with its famous balcony, forecourt and palace gates. A section of the Mall is also depicted, complete with a double-decker bus, black taxicab and the Victoria Memorial. The model has been designed to deliver an interesting and rewarding building experience and is suitable for display in the home and office. It has been developed for all with an interest in architecture, travel, history and design.


Build a detailed model of London's official royal residence!

Includes the east wing, forecourt and palace gates, with the Mall, Victoria Memorial, red double-decker bus and black taxicab

Includes collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture and history of the building

LEGO Architecture building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building

The skyline is over 3” high, 7” wide and 7” deep

780 pieces – For boys and girls over 12 years old

搭建伦敦官方皇家住所的 LEGO® 积木模型。这个宏伟的模型专注于宫殿的东翼及其著名的阳台、前院和宫殿大门。还描绘了购物中心的一部分,配有双层巴士、黑色出租车和维多利亚纪念堂。该模型旨在提供有趣且有益的建筑体验,适合在家中和办公室展示。它是为所有对建筑、旅行、历史和设计感兴趣的人开发的。





LEGO Architecture 建筑玩具与所有用于创意建筑的 LEGO 建筑套装兼容

天际线高 3 英寸,宽 7 英寸,深 7 英寸

780 件 – 适合 12 岁以上的男孩和女孩